Welcome to Gary’s Grassroots Fundraising Team!

We’re so excited to have you on the team. Let’s get started.

Step 1

Click or tap on your favorite Gary Peters logo below. You’ll be taken to ActBlue to either log in or create an account (don’t worry, it only takes a minute). Then you’ll be directed to a page where you can create your form.

Step 2

Create a custom URL for your brand-new fundraising page! No need to get fancy — all you need is a short, simple, memorable word or phrase (no spaces) to finish the web address.

Step 3

Personalize the page title and body text. We’ve already filled these out to make things easier for you, but please, add your own language! Use this space to tell your family and friends why you’re all in for Gary Peters. 

Step 4

Click “Get Started” to launch your fundraising page. (Pro tip: Once your page is launched, you can customize it further with graphics, different dollar amounts, and more. Have fun with it!)

Step 5

Share, share, share. Once your page is launched, you’re ready to share our page’s URL with your friends, family and all across social media to invite new supporters to Team Peters.

Already made a page?

Our Recipe For Fundraising Success

Be Thoughtful

Take it from people who fundraise for a living: supporters take action when they feel like their action matters. As a grassroots fundraiser, you’re already ahead of the game, because you’re reaching out to people who already know you and care what you have to say. Go even further — think critically about what issues are important to them, and how they like to be communicated with. And don’t forget to thank the awesome individuals who end up donating!

Be Clear

Use concrete, clear, direct language when asking your friends to chip in using your page. Example: “Help me raise $500 in the next 24 hours” might do better than “Support my page.”

Be Kind

Our country is struggling with multiple crises right now, and the most important thing is that we are all staying safe and healthy. Not all of us are in a position to donate at the moment, and that’s OK. Try your best to be sensitive to people’s unique situations when fundraising.

Be Creative

Start a friendly fundraising competition. Send hand-written thank you notes. Write a poem about flipping the Senate! We love to see supporters show their passion through creativity — and your potential donors will love it, too. 

Need help getting started? We get it! Here’s a few sample posts to make your own:

Flipping the Senate blue this November starts with re-electing Gary Peters in Michigan. That’s why I’m excited to be part of his grassroots fundraising team. Will you join me in supporting Gary and chip in $3 or more today? Use my personal link so I can keep track of how close I am to my goal! Thanks!

Friends, I’m supporting Gary Peters for Senate in Michigan by helping to raise small-dollar donations for his campaign. We can’t take back the Senate from Mitch McConnell and the GOP without defending Gary’s seat. Will you give $5 or $10 today?