Getting Results for Michigan

Gary has never been afraid to cross the aisle to get results and make government work for Michigan. That’s why nonpartisan groups like the Center for Effective Lawmaking, the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy have ranked him as one of the most effective and bipartisan members of the Senate. He has been ranked the fourth most effective Democrat in the Senate and the 12th most bipartisan Senator overall, in addition to receiving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Jefferson-Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship.

Throughout his time in the Senate, Gary has been a leader on bipartisan legislation to change the way we treat veterans with mental health issues, streamline government to save taxpayers millions of dollars and help ensure Michiganders have the skills they need to find good-paying jobs.

Last year, he championed the Great Lakes by securing historic funding for restoration projects and developing strategies to prevent and respond to catastrophic oil spills. He also wrote and passed a bill to expand apprenticeship opportunities for our veterans, ensuring those who serve our nation have prospects for good jobs when they come home to Michigan. 

As a leader on the Homeland Security Committee, Gary passed into law his bill to hire hundreds of agricultural inspectors at our borders to stop contaminated products from entering the country. Further, he worked across the aisle to provide additional resources to religious institutions and houses of worship to increase security from domestic terrorist attacks.

And when it comes to making government work, for Gary, it’s personal. Growing up, he was raised to believe you don’t spend money you don’t have, and those are the values he brings with him to work every day. He’s run his office so frugally that he’s returned over $2 million in taxpayer dollars to the U.S. Treasury and passed legislation to cut red tape and streamline the government to save taxpayers’ millions. 

Gary is constantly working to keep Washington transparent and responsible. Under his oversight, Gary has helped pass legislation to eliminate millions in wasteful government spending and has led investigations to hold government agencies accountable for improper spending.