Team Peters Digital Toolkit


Gary Peters has been a lifelong champion for Michigan, and our campaign is powered by voices like yours. We need YOU on our grassroots team — take action and join the team to reelect Gary so he can continue his fight for all Michiganders!

Here’s your one-stop shop for graphics, social media content and platforms for you to get involved. If you’re tweeting, make sure to use #TeamPeters and #MISen!


Why are you supporting Gary? Post your story on social media! Share these sample posts or draft your own — you can click or tap the links below to share instantly on Twitter and copy/paste them on Facebook.

Looking for details on Gary’s work for your posts? Check out his positions on the key issues facing Michiganders.

The road to winning the White House and Senate runs right through Michigan. That starts with making sure we reelect @GaryPeters. Get involved now and join #TeamPeters! #MISen https://petersformichigan.com/

If you want to get things done, you have to find common ground. @GaryPeters does that best.
He’s ranked one of the most effective senators and has written and passed more bipartisan legislation than ANY  Democratic senator over the last 2 years. #MISen https://petersformichigan.com/

What’s on the line this November?

🩺Health care coverage for Michiganders

🏛️The future of SCOTUS 

🌊Protecting the Great Lakes

The answer: Elect @GaryPeters 🏍️ #MISen https://petersformichigan.com/


Share these graphics with your network — you can text or email them to your friends and family or post on social media with a story about why you’re supporting Gary this year.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click or tap each individual image to save it, or download all these images in bulk by hitting the button below (when you download, just open the zip file to save the images to your device).





Check out these videos introducing Gary and highlighting the key issues he’s fighting for in the U.S. Senate — then download (just hit the button and open the .zip file) and share with your network!


Do you have a friend who should be on Team Peters? Send them an email! Use this sample language below as a guide to tell your own story about why you’re voting for Gary this year.

Looking for details on Gary’s work for your message? Check out his positions on the key issues facing Michiganders.

Hi Your Friend’s Name!

This election is one of the most important of our lifetimes, and I’ve decided I can’t sit on the sidelines. So I’m on Team Peters working to make sure that we reelect Senator Gary Peters this year. 

I know Senator Peters will stand up for Michiganders. He works tirelessly to protect our health care, create good jobs here in Michigan, defend the Great Lakes, and more. We need to make sure we’re electing good, honest, hardworking people who will put Michigan first.

Will you join me on Team Peters to make sure we reelect Senator Peters and flip the Senate? Head to PetersForMichigan.com/get-involved to sign up!


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